presa with rocket salad


My favourite meals are quite simple ones, and this combination made for a very delicious and satisfying low-carb meal as well (though for my flatmate Peter I also steamed some new potatoes). This is a cut of pork that is called “presa” in Spanish. And as there is no exact English translation for this, I have added a page that features Spanish cuts of pork, so at least you can have a general idea of where it comes from. Presa, pluma and secreto are all cuts that I find difficult to translate.

Cooking instructions below the links…

presa 4

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Rub presa with coarse sea salt and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. Sauté an entire head of slivered garlic cloves in extra virgin olive oil until slightly golden, then add the presa. Brown on both sides until cooked to your preference, then remove the presa, splash some white wine into the frying pan and whisk it around on a highish heat until it reduces a bit. Spoon over the cooked presa.

The salad can be prepared ahead of time but should be tossed with the oil & vinegar just before serving. In a large bowl place freshly washed rocket (arrugula), a few thinly sliced mushrooms and grated (or slivered) parmesan cheese. Lightly salt and also add freshly ground black pepper. Toss with olive oil and balsamic vinegar – but be careful! Too much oil will kill the salad (for example, the one shown here is a bit “overdone”).  I rarely measure but I think I do about a 2-1 ratio with the oil and vinegar.


One Response to “presa with rocket salad”

  1. Wandering Coyote Says:

    I love arugula! I grew some this year but it didn’t turn out so well…Great dish, Az!

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