hot butter lobster with chilli, scallops & parmegiano pastries

Another great recipe from guest contributor, fellow foodie & friend WeeRascal

Everyone has their own theory about how best to kill lobster. Below is a link that will help you. Either way, you need to boil it. There should be 10 minutes at a boil for the first pound of lobster, and three minutes for every following pound. Unfortunately, this dish isn’t very linear and you will have several things on the go at the same time, but I have tried to explain the sequence as best I can.

How long to boil a lobster

Ingredients and instructions below…

For the lobster:
1 fresh lobster
3 tsp olive oil
2 tsp chopped parsley
1 tsp thyme
½ small onion
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
150g butter
¼ cup cognac
½ deseeded chilli, finely sliced
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese shavings
Salt & pepper to taste

For the scallops:
2 fresh scallops per person
Knob of butter
Salt & pepper to taste

For the Parmigiano Pastries:
Strip of ready-made puff pastry
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese shavings

Cut the puff pastry into 4cm squares. Brush with butter and top with cheese shavings. Place in oven on gas mark 7 for 15 minutes, or when just turning colour. Not brown. Blow torch topping until slightly blackened when ready and set in the bottom of the oven. Turn oven to low.

Cook the lobster as described above and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Split lengthways using a heavy knife (you may need to strike the top of the knife with something heavy to crack through the shell)

In a pan, add all of the lobster ingredients except the cheese and the cognac. Cook until the onions have relaxed. Pour ¾ of the mix over the open lobster halves and sprinkle with the cheese.

Set under a grill until the cheese begins to brown.

Warm up the brandy in a pan and pour over the lobster. Blaze. Set in a very low oven.

Put the residual mix into a ramekin to serve on the side and place in oven with the pastry.

Sear the scallops on a very hot griddle with the butter. 2 Minutes one side, one minute the other.

Take the scallops and everything from the oven and plate up on fresh lettuce.

Serve with boiled rice or noodles.


3 Responses to “hot butter lobster with chilli, scallops & parmegiano pastries”

  1. Wandering Coyote Says:

    OMG…YUM, and decadent!

  2. Beth Says:

    Holy mother of GOD that looks good.

  3. WeeRascal Says:

    Really really easy to make – all done in just over half an hour, too…. Shawn, ParmEgiano?

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