spinach & garbanzos with fried eggs

garbanzos and spinach

The other day I had a bag of fresh baby spinach that needed using up so I had a quick look online for some “spinach and egg” inspiration and found this, which as it turns out is a typical Spanish dish. I hadn’t planned on making a stew, let alone something with garbanzos, but this looked interesting and so after a few adjustments to the recipe I’d found I decided this would make a nice meal. And it was! I used chicken broth but you can swap that for veggie broth if you want a vegetarian dish. Serves two but just double the recipe for more people or to have some tasty leftovers the next day.

Ingredients and instructions below…

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kitchen sink curry

I haven’t done a curry here yet, so why not start with a whopper. This is all part of my flatmate & friend Noggin’s education in preparing hot meals for himself ahead of time, which can then be frozen in individual servings and reheated whenever desired. So food purists (like my friend WeeRascal) will probably object to the over-abundance of ingredients, and in self defense I have to say that I usually keep my curries much simpler.

But this was a bit of an experiment in making a whole whack of curry with lots of extra veg added to make it a healthy all-in-one meal option.

And it was actually quite delicious! Even though I “cheat” by using curry paste – in this case garam masala – which is a hot spicy curry with cinammon & ginger. Smells and tastes gorgeous. For the record, this curry turned out more “soupy/stewy” than my usual ones, which tend to be thicker and more like a sauce. But it was great served on rice or potatoes.

Recipe and instructions below…

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bacony leek & potato bake

Yesterday I saw some lovely looking leeks at the market and bought them without any idea of what I’d end up doing with them. In the end this is what I came up with – something autumny that included bacon, garlic and cheese. It was very tasty and easy to make, and quite nice comfort food…

Recipe and instructions below the links.

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